Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Model of the Month : JRowe Photography / Serenity

It's my pleasure to introduce Jennifer. Talking about photogenic, she came to the shoot, took her few frames, and was done in NO time. It doesn't take long at all to get a good shot of her! In fact, out of the 30 or so shots we took, it was very hard to pick "the one" b/c she just turned out picture after picture.

Make sure you run by Serenity and check out the print! Online does not do the hair/make-up justice!

Senior Portrait Fashion : Recent Seniors!

I wanted to post a few shots that I've taken lately of some of Magnolia / Bradley's Seniors! I'm starting to book up a lot of my time over the next 3 months w/ wedding work, so if there are any seniors out there that still need senior photos, please feel free to contact me and get your unique senior shoot setup today!

Hope you Enjoy!

March Model of the Month : JRowe Photography / Serenity

Little late, but better late than never huh :) This is March's model of the month, Hannah Duckett. She was such a great subject...Gorgeous! Once again, the outfit was given by Manik, Hairstyle/make-up by Serenity, and frame provided by Melissa's Custom Framing. Oh yeah, and the photo by yours truly :)

Thanks for stopping by!